Following the opening of their flagship store, this past October, Moncler opens its first boutique in Milan entirely dedicated to the brand’s Enfant collection. The collection features mini-me versions of Moncler’s adult collection, with a more playful take for the world of a child. Pieces are adapted to accommodate the need for practicality and flexibility, as well as playful style and colorways.

The store covers a total surface area of 207 square-meters, and 130 of it is dedicated to sales. The furniture combines fine materials like ivory leather, and chene fume wood. The overall color palette for the boutique feature red, orange, and many shades of pink to truly distinguish the new boutique.

To be sure the store is child friendly, there is a stand-alone playground area, which offers kids interactive forms of entertainment. Moncler’s mascot, Moonduck, is also prominently featured in statue form throughout the store and as a pattern motif on every wall.

Courtesy of Moncler

Moncler Enfant | Milan